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Our New Jersey family lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you through this difficult time. With a small staff and appropriate workload, we devote all of our time and energy into helping you resolve your family law matters quickly and cost efficiently. We handle all aspects of family law including:

Our law firm provides personal family law practice to clients throughout New Jersey. Regardless of your situation, our lawyers are here to provide you with the best possible representation possible, providing you with legal options and solutions that are in your best interest.
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We understand that you don't want your divorce to last any longer than necessary. We evaluate each individual's situation and handle each with a strategy yielding the best possible results for you. We have handled numerous divorce cases in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Princeton, & the surrounding NJ & PA areas, including but not limited to:


  • Property division including complex asset division
  • Property settlements
  • Business valuations and division
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Domestic violence


Child Support

Let us guide you through the steps of acquiring court-ordered child support in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Princeton, & the surrounding NJ & PA areas. Our experienced lawyers will oversee your case to help ensure your child receives the basic amount of financial support needed to provide for his or her health and welfare. New Jersey child support laws mandate that both parents be held responsible for financially supporting their child or children to ensure that those needs are met. When divorcing, separating, or if you are part of a non-intact family, consult Martine Katz Scanlon to see how we can negotiate or mediate a settlement or seek application to the Court.



Breaking News!

Governor Christie just signed the alimony reform bill into law. Anyone with questions about how this could affect your existing alimony or your case should call today! For more information on the new law, click here.
The appraisal of rights regarding an award of alimony, or any potential obligation of alimony are entitlements. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in consulting and application of alimony law in New Jersey. Alimony is one of the most rancorous issues in divorce. Thirteen statutory factors are considered in the state of New Jersey including:


  • Lifestyle during the marriage
  • The distribution of your assets and liabilities
  • History of parental responsibilities and future obligations
  • Needs of each party (monthly budget)
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The ability of each party to earn money



Alimony is also a tax deductible expense for those that pay it, and taxable income for those receiving payments. Whether you are paying alimony or receiving it, you need to consult with a family lawyer at Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A. today.


Child Custody

Child Custody

In New Jersey child custody shall be based on the best interests of the children.

  • Legal custody- the right to make major life decisions on behalf of the child, including medical, religious, and educational decisions as well as general welfare. Legal custody is generally shared between parents. In the case that one parent was neglectful or abusive, it may be determined by the Court that it is not in the best interest of the child for the parents to share custody.
  • Physical or residential custody- who has physical custody or who is the primary provider for the child on a daily basis.

Physical or residential custody can often be the biggest source of problems through a divorce. Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A. is experienced in helping mitigate these potential problems. We guide you through the court-sponsored mediation process, and if it fails, consult you on how to move forward through the legal process.

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement

Interested in protecting assets or the interests of your children from a prior marriage? Consult our family law attorneys, servicing Cumberland, Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester County, NJ, to learn about the requirements to drafting a prenuptial agreement.

1. Complete disclosure of all assets and debts
2. Adequate period of time to carefully consider what you are doing
3. Independent legal representation
4. The agreement cannot be unconscionable

Legal documentation will define your rights and obligations upon divorce. You should handle it the same way you would handle property division, by consulting a qualified and experienced lawyer today.

Domestic Violence Issues

New Jersey laws are in place to prevent domestic violence from happening or continuing to happen to you. The law protects anyone subjected to violence from spouses, former spouses and family members and those falsely accused of domestic violence. The New Jersey Family law firm of Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A. has extensive experience representing both victims and defendants in domestic violence matters in Cumberland, Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester County, NJ. Our domestic violence attorneys are prepared to assist with domestic violence matters of all types and degrees. Seeking emergent intervention by the Courts can require the assistance of knowledgeable, experienced attorneys who can move quickly and effectively to get a Final Restraining Order or other protection in place. We are here to assist you in securing safety, protection and peace of mind. If a TRO is unjustly filed against you, our domestic violence attorneys will work diligently to protect you and your rights. If you are dealing with any domestic violence situation, call our Camden County domestic violence lawyers at 856-396-9500 for a confidential consultation.

Civil Union / Domestic Partnerships

Civil Union / Domestic Partnerships

Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships require the same expertise that other family law fields require, however, many New Jersey lawyers are unwilling to keep up with the ever changing laws associated with these emerging social norms. If you are considering entering into a civil union or domestic partnership, or you are trying to dissolute your civil union or domestic partnership, let our experienced family law attorneys at Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A. help you through the confusing legal process.
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