Do I need a Prenup?


With the excitement of getting engaged and the fun of planning a wedding, young couples don’t usually want to think about the unromantic detail of signing a prenuptial agreement.  However, they certainly should.

Prenuptial agreements or “prenups” as they are more commonly called, do not have to be for couples with that second home or third car. Prenups can be for that 20 or 30-something couple just starting out. With a prenuptial agreement, you are planning for the “what if” you can’t foresee.  When you purchase a car, do you forgo the car insurance because you don’t know whether you’re going to have an auto accident in ten years? No, certainly not.  Do you want to be prepared in case you do? Of course. A prenuptial agreement follows the same logic and puts in place a contingency plan in the unfortunate event of divorce.  If and when the time comes, you will be able to look to a document you and your spouse tailored to your relationship instead of being left to the mercy of the law and courts.

When going through a divorce, couples are not often the most level-headed and can make decisions out of spite or anger. If you have a prenuptial agreement, your more rational self, who made the decisions for you years ago, can prevail.

If you are still doubtful, schedule a consult with one of our attorneys and tell her what assets you currently have and how you would like to see them divided them in the event of a divorce. Allow yourself to play the hypothetical game. Often family law attorneys can creatively tailor an agreement that suits you as a couple. There is nothing that says all prenuptial agreements have to be alike. Regardless of what you choose to have your family law attorney draft, you should walk away with peace of mind knowing in the event of the worst, you planned for the best.

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