Domestic Violence

Find Relief From Domestic Abuse

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Domestic violence can be defined as any violent behavior or act within a common home. Domestic violence comes in many forms, from burglary and stalking, to the abuse of a spouse or partner. The abuse does not have to be physical to qualify as domestic violence. Harassment and stalking via texting or social media is a form of domestic violence. There is no way to permanently end a domestic violence situation but speaking with an experienced domestic violence attorney can help victims file for the appropriate protection, navigate the court process, and understand their rights. There are few things scarier than suffering abuse at the hands of someone you love. A domestic violence attorney can help reduce the pain.

What a Domestic Violence Lawyer Does.

A domestic violence attorney can help victims seek relief from a bad domestic violence situation. In many cases, a domestic violence attorney can help their client obtain a restraining order in New Jersey or a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order in Pennsylvania. The restraining order or PFA order allows the victim short-term possession of any assets and sometimes custody of children. Ten days or less after a temporary restraining or PFA order is placed, there will be a court hearing to see if a final restraining or final PFA order is needed. Final restraining orders in New Jersey are permanent while in Pennsylvania they can be entered for up to three years. A domestic violence attorney will help their client win their fair share or more.

Why does a Domestic Violence Victim need an Attorney?

A domestic violence victim needs an experienced domestic violence attorney for many reasons. Domestic violence attorneys are there to help give victims a voice, walk them through a potentially daunting process and help advise them on their rights. In many instances, legal ties such as marriage, shared children, shared assets, shared bank accounts, and manipulation prevent victims from getting help themselves. A domestic violence attorney can legally separate all or some of these entities. Additionally, domestic violence lawyers can function as a go-between for victims when speaking with police to help the victim decide whether or not they want to press charges against their attacker.

If you or a loved one are being domestically abused, please contact the domestic violence lawyers at Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A. in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, and Princeton. Their dedicated attorneys specialize in divorce, domestic violence, child support, alimony, and collaborative divorce.