Divorcing a Difficult Spouse

You’re in a bad marriage, which is why you’re getting a divorce. Your relationship is beyond repair, and as much as you want your marriage to end, you may fear what you’ll have to go through during the divorce process. Maybe a therapist has helped you come to terms with abuse or narcissistic behavior that you have endured and you are scared about your next steps. Though a difficult spouse can make a divorce a painful effort, we can get you through it, just like the hundreds of clients we’ve helped before you.  

Detach Yourself From the Anger

The key to a successful divorce from a difficult spouse is to take the emotion out of the legal process. As much as you can, make it an out-of-body experience. If your spouse rants and raves, becomes sarcastic, or tries to get under your skin, they want a response. They want to escalate the situation and bring you down to their level. This is a no-win game, so don’t bother trying to score points with your own nastiness. See and think about the situation like a neutral observer and make logical choices.

This is easier said than done, especially when dealing with an emotional spouse who knows your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Your spouse may try to drag your children into it and press as many emotional buttons as possible. Stay calm, think clearly, and consider your spouse an angry dog who hasn’t figured out what to do other than bark.

We Can Deal With Your Spouse So You Won’t Have To

As much as you can, limit your contact with your spouse. It’s our job to protect you and your interests. When people hire attorneys, they may have visions of dramatic courtroom scenes. But of all the time we spend at work, that’s a small fraction of what we do, which includes communicating with spouses so our clients won’t have to.

There’s a term for a hard-working hockey player who does the physical, sometimes painful, playing that’s needed for the star player to get the puck, score goals, and get attention. They’re known as grinders. We’re grinders too. We can deal with a furious, irrational, angry spouse (and their attorney), so you won’t have to. We’ll do this dirty work because you’re the client; you’re the star whom we’re helping so you can reach your goal of a new life.

Focus on the Future, Not a Stressful Present

Focus on those goals and what you can accomplish after your marriage is behind you. Think about where you want to live and what you want to do. What kind of relationship do you want with your children? What can you do to make that possible? The negativity your spouse is trying to inflict on you is just another barrier to what you want to do. We’ll find a way over, around, or through that barrier, so you can start your life over again.

Commit to peace even if you are not getting it in return. Life is too short to live an angry life. You can make the most of it by divorcing a spouse who’s pulling you away from peace and sanity. We will protect you from your emotional and difficult spouse and put in the work necessary to finalize your divorce. Give us a call so we can start to end the stress, anger, and negativity you’ve endured for too long.