Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyers in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Princeton, & the Greater Philadelphia Area

A court battle for child custody rights is a situation no parent wants. However, when a parent finds themself in this situation, it is of the utmost importance to hire a child custody lawyer to represent the parent, and fight for the best interests of the child or children. Child custody lawyers consider all factors in the case objectively, and fight for the best possible outcome for the children, today and moving forward.

What does a child custody lawyer do?

A child custody lawyer will help advocate for your goals regarding your child’s health, education, welfare and parenting time schedule to obtain an order or create a custody agreement that benefits the child or children’s safety and happiness. Their main duty is to advocate for your rights as a parent and to obtain a result in your child’s best interests wherever possible. There are two types of child custody – legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody deals with the decision-making power for the child or children’s general health, education and welfare. Physical custody deals with the schedule and parenting time along with details about holidays and vacation time. There are many different options and agreements which is why it is important to hire an experienced child custody lawyer.

Is a lawyer needed for child custody?

There are endless benefits to hiring a knowledgeable child custody lawyer. One benefit is that they bring an impartial opinion, therefore they can better negotiate with the other party. Unfortunately, negotiating over a shared child can bring overwhelming emotions and memories to the surface, so it is imperative to have a child custody lawyer who can speak on your behalf. Another benefit is that an experienced family law attorney can properly file paperwork and keep track of the case. When participating in a child custody court case, there is a large amount of paperwork, documents, and deadlines. Child custody lawyers can take the stress away and handle all of the important tasks and meetings.

If you or a loved one are fighting for child custody, or you are filing for divorce and there are children involved, please reach out to the child custody lawyers at Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A, with offices in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, and Princeton. Their unbiased child custody lawyers will provide the service you need to give your child or children the healthy life they deserve.