Alimony Lawyer in Cherry Hill, Philadelphia, Princeton, & the Greater Philadelphia Area

When a couple decides to file for divorce, one spouse can hire an alimony lawyer to help them establish financial payments. Alimony payments are paid by one spouse to their ex-spouse. A person can receive alimony payments when their ex-spouse earns more money and/or they need help starting their new life as an unmarried person. An alimony lawyer can ensure that alimony agreements are fair for all parties.

What qualifies a spouse for alimony payments?

There are many different factors that qualify a spouse for alimony payments. Unfortunately, the qualifications are not black and white but hiring an experienced alimony lawyer will increase your chances of receiving what is desired. Some of the most common qualifications are differences in individual incomes, individual assets, individual debt, each person’s role in the marriage and stipulations in a prenuptial agreement, the lifestyle the parties enjoyed during the marriage. There are many different forms of proof that need to be presented in order to gain spousal support. An alimony lawyer will help prove that you require payments from your ex-spouse in order to begin life after divorce.

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